Java bytecode to JavaScript compiler

A powerful tool for Java developers who want to develop web front-end, but don't want to learn JavaScript development stack.

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What is TeaVM?

TeaVM is an ahead-of-time compile of Java bytecode, that's capable of emitting JavaScript and WebAssembly. Its close relative is well-known GWT. The main difference is that TeaVM does not require to provide source code together with compiled class files. Moreover, source code is not required to be Java, TeaVM successfully compiles Kotlin and Scala.

Easy to use

Create a new project from Maven archetype and develop with pleasure. You don't need complicated setup with npm, Webpack, UglifyJS, Babel, etc. TeaVM does everything for you.

A powerful web framework included

With TeaVM, you can use Flavour, a framework for creating single-page web applications in Java, Kotlin or Scala. Experience is quite close to Angular, but the framework is based on Java idioms, not JavaScript idioms.


TeaVM is quite efficient, you wont't wait for hours while it's compiling. Also, TeaVM produces fast and small code.